What is the difference between Damask and satin woven labels?

Posted by Sean Label on

Damask and satin are two different types of woven labels, and they differ in terms of their texture, appearance, and overall aesthetic. Here are the key differences between Damask and satin woven labels:

Damask Woven Labels:

  1. Material: Damask woven labels are typically made from polyester threads. The threads are woven in a way that creates a fine, tight weave.
  2. Texture: Damask labels have a smooth and soft texture, providing a high-quality feel. The fine weave allows for intricate details in the design.
  3. Appearance: Damask labels often have a matte finish, and the detailed weaving can showcase small text, intricate logos, or complex designs effectively.
  4. Use: Damask labels are commonly used for high-end and luxury products where a refined and elegant look is desired. They are suitable for clothing items like dresses, formal wear, and accessories.

Satin Woven Labels:

  1. Material: Satin woven labels are made from polyester threads, similar to Damask labels. However, the weaving process and the thread density differ.
  2. Texture: Satin labels have a smooth and glossy surface, providing a luxurious and shiny appearance. The weave is not as tight as Damask labels, giving it a more prominent sheen.
  3. Appearance: Satin labels have a shiny finish that adds a touch of elegance. They are suitable for showcasing brand names or logos prominently.
  4. Use: Satin labels are often chosen for high-end and delicate garments where a glossy and luxurious feel is desired. They can be used for a variety of clothing items, including lingerie, eveningwear, and premium accessories.


  • Damask labels are known for their fine details and are often preferred for intricate designs.
  • Satin labels are chosen for their glossy appearance, making them suitable for brands that want a more prominent and shiny label.
  • Both Damask and satin labels are made from polyester, providing durability and resistance to fading.

When deciding between Damask and satin woven labels, it's essential to consider the brand's image, the type of garments they will be used on, and the desired visual and tactile characteristics. Each type of label contributes to a different overall aesthetic.