what do the symbols on clothing tags mean - fabric care labels

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A picture is also value one thousand words, however generally it’s additional confusing than text. That goes double once it’s one in every of the various laundry symbols found on the care label of your garments. What square measure all those circles, squares, and triangles—and why do you have to care regarding them? Clothing makers use laundry symbols to assist you extend the lifetime of your garments. Sure, you will suppose you recognize the way to wash garments, the way to use a washer, the way to separate laundry, and the way to place liquid material chemical within the material chemical dispenser. you may even use the simplest detergent and take the time to line the washer temperature good. however that doesn’t guarantee your article of clothing can keep within the same condition, color, or size.

Because people do laundry all around the world, the industry has created a standard of five basic symbols that form a kind of universal language. To make it even easier, laundry symbols are always featured in the same order on a label. From left to right, they are:

  • Washtub (washing)
  • Triangle (bleaching)
  • Iron (ironing)
  • Circle (dry cleaning)
  • Square (drying)

Fabric labels are great because they can be machine washed, and the symbols will usually stay very clear for 10+ washes. You can buy them here.


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