When a garment has two or more parts that are sold as a unit, care label is necessary. However, if each piece is designated to be sold separately or if each piece requires different care procedures, then each part of the editorial must have its own label.

A care label is a tag giving instructions. The label must be attached to most clothing so that it won't become separated from the product, and it must stay legible in the work of the useful life of the product. You ought to be able to see the care label or find it basically.

Symbols may also appear on a care label. However, written instructions must appear on all clothes sold in the United States. Symbols are used only to supplement these written instructions. In the event you are not sure of a symbol meaning, you ought to ask your local drycleaner to explain it to you.


What is Required of a Care Label?

Under the provisions of the Care Labeling Rule, the Federal Trade Commission has defined specific practices of manufacturers or importers as unfair or misleading. Not only are manufacturers or importers prohibited from omitting or incorrectly furnishing care instructions, but they must make definite that their care labels:


- give full instructions for at least satisfactory technique of care necessary for the ordinary use & pleasure of the   garment

- have a reasonable basis for the recommended care procedure given on the label

- warn about any part of the recommended technique of care that a consumer or professional cleaner could reasonable be expected touse that would harm the garment or harm other clothes being laundered or cleaned with it

- warn when there is no technique for cleaning a garment without damaging it

- stay legible throughout the useful life of the garment