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Satin Printed Labels


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Let the labeling begin! Satin printed labels are great if you’re looking for making custom labels to go into t-shirts or infant clothing, because they are very soft. It’s also a great option if you are making custom care/content labels.


We silk screen flexographic ink onto satin polyester substrate, which can come with slit edges or finished edges. The only available colors of satin are black and white.


If you choose slit edges, we recommend a centerfolded or endfolded label. A slit cut label with no folds could fray when sewn on. A finished edge label is a little more expensive, but it’s higher quality and has less chance of fraying if not sewn into a seam.


Satin printed labels are not recommended for garments which will be going through the garment dying process.


Cotton Twill Printed Labels


If you are looking for a more natural-looking label that is still soft, cotton twill printed labels are a great option.


The cotton twill labels are printed with flexographic ink and the material is only available in a natural beige color and limited substrates.


You can dye or bleach cotton twill labels for a fee. Please ask a sales rep for information.

 printed labels

Tyvek Printed Labels


Tyvek printed labels are most commonly seen on pillows and furniture like sofas, chairs, and mattresses. Tyvek is a woven paper substrate and is very sturdy. You can also find Tyvek printed labels as care labels on the side seams of garments.


We don’t recommend Tyvek to be touching skin, as it can be irritable. Tyvek is priced the same as satin printed labels, so for care labels, we recommend getting satin printed labels.


Tyvek is a very sturdy substrate, so it’s perfect for labels to be placed in outdoor gear like sleeping bags, car visors, and fabric lunch boxes.


Tyvek is only available in white.


Nylon Printed Labels


Nylon is a thicker substrate used to print labels. Nylon printed labels are commonly used in backpacks and other outdoor gear, but can be used in almost anything. They can be substituted for used of Tyvek labels, although Tyvek is just as sturdy. It really all comes down to personal preference!




Nylon printed labels are only available in white and black substrates.