One part of the Care Labeling Rule includes a glossary of terms. The glossary helps describe different cleaning processes in order to keep away from misunderstandings. The following are some examples of those definitions


Drycleaning - Makes use of normal drycleaning liquid present in any commercial or coin-operated drycleaning establishment. The system may include moisture added to the liquid, hot tumble drying (to 160 degrees F), & pressing by steam press or steam air-form finishing.

Professionally Dryclean - Restricts the drycleaning system to methods feasible only in commercial drycleaning establishments. "Professionally Dryclean" cannot appear on the label by itself, but must be accompanied by further knowledge, such as "use reduced moisture," "low heat," or "no steam finishing."

Machine Wash - Indicates use of either a commercial or a home washing machine. Other knowledge may be added giving specific washing temperatures, size of the load, or drying procedures. The maximum ranges are:

Hot: use up to 150 degrees F, or the hottest water available from your hot water heater.

Warm: Use 90 degrees to 110 degrees F, or hand comfortable.

Icy: Use 85 degrees F, or preliminary water from a icy tap.