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Different cleaning processes: Drycleaning, Professionally Dryclean, Machine Wash:


Does "Washable" Mean it Also Can be Drycleaned?


How Should Drycleaners Handle Garments With Washing Instructions? How Should Drycleaners Handle Garments With Washing Instructions?


Be you clothes is making a comeback! Be you clothes is making a comeback!


Printing in La by an La label company  Printing in La by an La label company



New York label company that puts forth a quality product Printing in New York by an New York label company



Knitting and sewing are essential crafting skills Knitting and sewing are essential crafting skills


Sew in labels for clothing


Cheap woven size labels for clothing


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Cheap Custom Clothing Labels


Woven labels for clothing


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Labeling FAQ-

Clothing Labels are great for keeping track of your kid's clothing. Easily iron these labels on to nearly all types of fabrics, and once they're on they won't come off even in washing machines and tumble dryers.

Using clothing labels on your kids clothing means that you won't have to replace expensive school uniforms and other kids clothing, saving you lots of money and hassle. Plus having your kids keep track of their belongings helps to stop any anxiety and will give them a greater sense of responsibility and ownership.

Clothing Labels FAQ's

Can Clothing Labels be used in my washing machine and tumble dryer?Yes, as long as you've applied them correctly, they're so durable that they'll probably outlast the clothing itself. They can be put through washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes.

What fabrics can Clothing Labels be used on? These clothing labels work best on fabrics that allow for irons, such as 100% cotton. We love to use them on school uniforms, hats, socks, underwear, towels and even some swim-wear (although this last one can be a little tricky to get right but it can be done).

Are these printed Clothing Labels? Yes, we print all of our clothing labels with your details. You can  preview your clothing labels before you buy to make sure they look perfect.

Do you have transparent Clothing Labels? Sorry this is not available for Clothing Labels. If you need to have no visible backing, the only way is to get them embroidered.

Are the Clothing Labels pre-cut? Yes ,all  are individually cut so that it’s easy for you to use.

Can I remove my Clothing Labels? Once you have ironed the clothing labels to the fabric properly, it will be very difficult to remove them as they are designed to be a permanent label. This means that they won't come off in washing machines and tumble driers.

If you need to remove them, you can try using the application method in reverse. To do this, heat the label first. Once heated up you can then try to peel the label off. You will most likely find that you won't be able to get it off in one clean sweep. You also won't be able to iron another one on top as they'll melt into each other.

The best way would be to cut a piece of fabric off and sew it or use fabric glue to stick it over the top. Alternatively you can get a permanent marker and scribble over the name.

Printed Labels-


 printed labels

Satin printed labels are great if you’re looking for making custom labels to go into t-shirts or infant clothing, because they are very soft. It’s also a great option if you are making custom care/content labels.


We silk screen flexographic ink onto satin polyester substrate, which can come with slit edges or finished edges. The only available colors of satin are black and white.


If you choose slit edges, we recommend a centerfolded or endfolded label. A slit cut label with no folds could fray when sewn on. A finished edge label is a little more expensive, but it’s higher quality and has less chance of fraying if not sewn into a seam.


Satin printed labels are not recommended for garments which will be going through the garment dying process.


Cotton Twill Printed Labels


If you are looking for a more natural-looking label that is still soft, cotton twill printed labels are a great option.


The cotton twill labels are printed with flexographic ink and the material is only available in a natural beige color and limited substrates.


You can dye or bleach cotton twill labels for a fee. Please ask a sales rep for information.

 printed labels

Tyvek Printed Labels


Tyvek printed labels are most commonly seen on pillows and furniture like sofas, chairs, and mattresses. Tyvek is a woven paper substrate and is very sturdy. You can also find Tyvek printed labels as care labels on the side seams of garments.


We don’t recommend Tyvek to be touching skin, as it can be irritable. Tyvek is priced the same as satin printed labels, so for care labels, we recommend getting satin printed labels.


Tyvek is a very sturdy substrate, so it’s perfect for labels to be placed in outdoor gear like sleeping bags, car visors, and fabric lunch boxes.


Tyvek is only available in white.


Nylon Printed Labels


Nylon is a thicker substrate used to print labels. Nylon printed labels are commonly used in backpacks and other outdoor gear, but can be used in almost anything. They can be substituted for used of Tyvek labels, although Tyvek is just as sturdy. It really all comes down to personal preference!




Nylon printed labels are only available in white and black substrates.

Woven Labels-



Woven labels are the most common and economical way of identifying your garments or products.


 Cruz Label Samples



You don’t have to own a clothing line to use woven labels. You can place them on purses, luggage, rugs, towels, toys, promotional items, bedding and more.


Sean Label specializes in the production of woven labels. Everything we do is 100% quality, ensuring your logo, lettering, and colors are woven as accurately as possible.



Cruz Label



Whether you are an established company or a brand new start-up, Sean Label can help you brand your items with a woven label that will fit your needs and budget. We are the best La Label Company around.